Anglica Wratislaviensia XLVII

Anna Michońska-Stadnik (red.)
ISSN: 0301-7966
Liczba stron: 124
Format B5, oprawa broszurowa

Elżbieta Klimek-Dominiak, Fictions of Western Hypermasculinity and Freedom: A. Proulx’s Close Range: Brokeback Mountain and Other Stories
Dominika Ferens, Telling a Small Place: Gloria Naylor’s Negotiations with Ethnography in Mama Day
Joanna Stolarek, A Crime Story or Metafi ctional Game? – A Definition and Redefinition of the Status of the Detective Novel in Martin Amis’s London Fields and Tzvetan Todorov’s Typology of Detective Fiction
Piotr Blumczyński, On Translating the Greek Aorist into English
Agnieszka Kułacka, The Necessity of the Menzerath–Altmann Law
Przemysław Pawelec, In Search of Polish Equivalents to Modern Phonological Terms in English: Constraint in Optimality Theory
Ivana Trbojević-Milošević, Crossing Boundaries or How Similarities Can Be Dangerous
Radojka Vukčević, Negotiating Books’ Ads: “Seeing through Things”
Applied Linguistics
Małgorzata Baran-Łucarz, The Level of Ambiguity Tolerance as a Determinant of Accuracy in Non-Instructed FL Pronunciation. Report on a pilot study
Anna Czura, CLIL – the European and the Polish Perspective
Ronald W. Langacker, Cognitive Grammar: A Basic Introduction (reviewed by Michał Szawerna)


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