The Jewish Community. Authority and Social Control in Poznań and Swarzędz 1650 - 1793

Anna Michałowska-Mycielska
ISBN: 978-83-229-2967-4
Liczba stron: 312
Format: B5, oprawa twarda
Rok wydania: 2008
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This book fe­atu­res the me­cha­ni­sms un­der­ly­ing the ope­ra­tion of Je­wish com­mu­ni­ties and the poli­cies pur­su­ed by com­mu­ni­ty au­tho­ri­ties in ear­ly mo­dem ti­mes. The com­mu­ni­ties fe­atu­red are Po­znań and Swa­rzędz. Al­tho­ugh au­tho­ri­ty was ma­in­ly exer­ci­sed in a com­mu­ni­ty by the ka­hal and its of­fi­cials, the rab­bi, bro­ther­ho­ods, and cra­ft­smen’s gu­ilds were also in­vo­lved in the community’s ma­na­ge­ment. The pur­po­se of this work is also to hi­gh­li­ght the mutual interdependen­cies be­twe­en all of the­se gro­ups.

Editorial Note
CHAPTER 1. Outline of the History of Jews in Poznań and Swarzędz
CHAPTER 2. Source Materials Used in the Study of the Wielkopolska Jewish Communities in Early Modern Times
CHAPTER 3. Community Authorities

  1. Community Offi cials and Their Responsibilities
  2. Functionaries
  3. Governing Assemblies
  4. Demonstration of Social Position

CHAPTER 4. Election of Community Authorities

  1. Electors and Elections
  2. Elected Officials
  3. Promotions of Officials (cursus honorum)

CHAPTER 5. A Community Rabbi
CHAPTER 6. Judiciary
CHAPTER 7. Guilds and Brotherhoods and Their Relations with Community Authorities
1. Craftsmen’s Guilds
2. Charity Brotherhood (hevrah kadishah)
3. Other Brotherhoods
CHAPTER 8. Community Authorities and the Control of Residents

  1. Citizenship and the Right of Residence in a Community
  2. Control over Business Activities
  3. Sumptuary Laws
  4. Methods of Exerting Influence: an Oath and a Curse
  5. Conflicts between the Authorities and Community Residents

CHAPTER 9. Community’s Financial Policy

  1. Taxes and Their Collection
  2. Community Earnings and Expenses
  3. Community’s Debts

CHAPTER 10. Relations between Poznań and Swarzędz
CHAPTER 11. Relations with Non-Jewish Authorities

  1. Control Exercised by a Voievode and Town Owner
  2. Non-Jewish Courts



  1. Officials of the Swarzędz Community and Their Tax Payments
  2.  People Holding the Position of a Parnas in the Swarzędz Community from 1723 to 1793
  3. Career Paths of Officials whose Names Appear on Election Lists of the Swarzędz Community for the Longest Period of Time (More than 35 Years)

Manuscript Sources
Printed Sources


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