Anglica Wratislaviensia XLV

Anna Michońska-Stadnik (red.)
ISSN: 0301-7966
Liczba stron: 200
Format B5, oprawa broszurowa


  • Anna Budziak, Between Metaphysics and Physics. Aristotelian and Postmodernist Perspectives in T.S. Eliot’s Theory of Poetic Expression, the Mind and the Soul

  • Teresa Bruś, Prostrate English Males: The Case of Roland Firbank

  • Anna Cichoń, Western Colonial Projects in “Heart of Darkness” and Dusklands

  • Elżbieta Klimek-Dominiak, M.A. Holley’s Texas Diaries – Death in Colonial Arcadia or: the Disrupted Pastoral

  • Ludmiła Makuchowska, Spiritual Optics and the Apophatics of God: Optical Themes in the Mirror of Seventeenth-Century Religious Poems

  • Agnieszka Poznańska, Genre Conventions in American First Ladies’ Autobiographies

  • Piotr Blumczyński, Pneama in Galatians: A Touchstone of Doctrinal Orthodoxy

  • Marek Kuźniak, A Few General Remarks on the Place and Function of “Foreign” Words and Phrases in the English Language

  • Maja Lubańska, On Cross-linguistic Influences: Long-distance wh-extraction in Polish

  • Laura Suchostawska, Metaphorical Conceptualizations of the Mind in English

  • Marcin Walczyński, On Lingua Franca
    Applied Linguistics

  • Anna Czura, The Influence of Ambiguity Tolerance on the Acquisition of Grammar Structures in the Callan Method

  • Małgorzata Jedynak, Traditional versus Innovative Approach to ESL Pronunciation – on the Application of Various Pronunciation Techniques in an ESL Classroom

  • Anna Michońska-Stadnik, Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition: Historical Perspectives and Challenging Issues in Contemporary SLA Research

  • Lech Zabor, The Value of Experimental Research for Students of MA Programmes in Applied Linguistics


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