Probability and Mathematical Statistics vol. 29, fasc. 1, 2009

Władysław Szczotka, Aleksander Weron, Wojbor A.Woyczyński (red.)
Liczba stron: 180
Format B5, oprawa broszurowa

R. Douc, É. Moulines and J. Olsson, Optimality of the auxiliary particle filter
A. Osekowski, Sharp norm inequalities for stochastic integrals in which the integrator is a nonnegative supermartingale
T. J. Kozubowski and K. Podgórski, Distributional properties of the negative binomial Lévy process
Y. Zhao, Empirical likelihood inference for survival rate regression with missing information principle
Y. S. Kim, S. T. Rachev, D. M. Chung and M. L. Bianchi, The modified tempered stable distribution, GARCH models and option pricing
Nguyen Van Thu, A Kingman convolution approach to Bessel processes
T. Aoyama, Nested subclasses of some subclass of the class of type G selfdecomposable distributions on Rd
A. Sancetta, Maximal inequalities for U-processes of strongly mixing random variables
A. Gautier, Kalman-type recursions for time-varying ARMA models and their implication for least squares procedure


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